The Stupid People Conference Gathered a Flat Earth Crowd in Denver

Downshifting can be good at times, but too much focus on it can turn our intelligence back into that of Neanderthals. With some people’s brains, God seems to have played an interesting joke. Folks with very little thinking abilities began organizing their own Flat Earth conferences (aka The Stupid People Conferences).

Stupid People Gather Together to Discuss Nonsense

Nowadays, some folks of the modern age believe that the Earth is flat. Similarly, some people believed in rain gods and prayed every time there was no rain. Despite evidence that the Earth is round, these flat Earth fans refuse to accept science. To support their ideology, hundreds of Flat Earthers recently gathered together for their very own Stupid People conference.

The Stupid People Conference Gathered a Flat Earth Crowd in Denver

Flat Earth Beliefs That Are Happening in Empty Heads

If you wonder what the Flat Earth conference attendees discussed, they mostly focused on their disbelief of science authorities. One of the exhibitors claimed that those who believe the scientists are deceived. There was a person who said that Earth will be an antique piece of equipment in the future, as people will learn that it is flat. There were many speakers who claimed that NASA lied to them. They believe that NASA’s footage is nothing more than photoshopped content. These clearly uneducated people believe that all round Earth images are fake and that the astronauts are actors.

People Are Stupid to the Point of Nonsense

These activists stumble when it comes to question time. When they get questions about what is at the end of the Earth and why no one managed to snap pictures of the end of our planet, the stupid club activists claim that the end of Earth is unclear; our planet is unknown, and the universe is protecting the knowledge.

These people are exhibiting the same hallucinations as those who experiment with drugs. Consequently, scientists from all over the world encourage the Flat Earth enthusiasts to explore their local science museum or planetarium. Above all, to combat hallucinations, people must remain physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy.