Rare Sexist Illness Makes a Woman Deaf When Men Speak

For people who like to hear women’s voices only, there is an illness that allows a person to hear high-frequency voices only. A case in China emerged of a woman who cannot hear men’s voices but can hear women’s voices. Sexist much?

Woman Cannot Hear Men’s Voices

The woman in China, Chen, woke up unable to hear her boyfriend’s voice when he is speaking. The night before, she experienced nausea and ringing in her ears.

When Chen went to the Xiamen Qianpu Hospital, doctors got puzzled. Dr. Lin Xiaoqing verified that Chen could not hear a young male patient at the hospital, but could hear high frequencies such as those of female voices. Dr. Lin Xiaoqing diagnosed Chen with reverse-slope hearing loss.

Sexist Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss Brought on by Stress

The reverse-slope hearing loss is a baffling case. The doctors believe that stress might have caused it. The hearing loss that allows Chen to only hear high frequencies affects about 1 in 13k hearing loss victims. Because patients and medical pros often do not know about the condition, it is difficult to detect. Reverse-slope hearing loss victims might have symptoms including finding it hard to understand others on the phone and being unable to hear low frequency vibrations.

Chen could possibly make a full recovery and hear her boyfriend’s voice once again. However, it would require an environment with less stress.

People React to the Case

What is even more amusing is that people reacted differently to the case. Many women on social media cracked jokes. One user called it “evolution,” while another user admitted to feeling “jealous” over the hearing loss.

No matter what others might call it, this illness certainly seems to be sexist towards men. Imagine if this illness spreads. There would be a world where many people would not be able to hear men at all! We wonder what male-dominated cultures might need to do in that case.

Rare Sexist Illness Makes a Woman Deaf When Men Speak