Science Explains Why Trump Acts Aggressively with Women

We have all heard Donald Trump saying sexist remarks on TV. The meaning of being “sexist” is that someone has certain prejudices or stereotypes against women. Researchers have now found that sexist males can get aggressive when they feel like women want to control them. Ah, this now explains why Ivana Trump, Donald’s ex-wife, accused him in their divorce case of pulling out fistfuls of her hair in one violent episode. 

Donald Trump Is a Sexist

We all know that Donald has his own brand of compliments for women. For him, the highest compliment is that he would date someone. Thus, the highest compliment for his daughter was that he would date her, if she was not his daughter. We also know that Donald has a history of subjugating Ivana, with whom he is now divorced.

Donald Trump Demonstrated Aggression Toward His Ex-Wife

In their divorce case, Ivana said that after Donald’s scalp reduction surgery, Donald acted violently towards her. To remove a bald spot, he had used the same plastic surgeon that Ivana had used. Afterward, he was furious with the painful result and began to pull out Ivana’s hair. He had blamed her for her plastic surgeon.

Sexist Males Get Aggressive When They Think Women Want to Control Them

Now, researchers found that sexist males like Trump can get aggressive when they think that women want to control them. When these males believe that they have very little power, or underestimate their own power in the relationship, they can overreact. 

Donald Trump seems uncomfortable with women having any negotiating power. Trump once stated that he would never buy Ivana any decent pictures or jewels, as to him, they could be negotiable assets. Donald Trump must have been deeply suspicious that Ivana had the power to control him.

Sexist Male Celebrities

Like Donald, other sexist male celebrities seem to be suffering from aggressive behavior as well. Johnny Depp is another example of a man who beat up his ex-wife Amber Heard. During the court hearing for their divorce case, Amber bore facial injuries. 

It is a sad world where we are living today; men still feel weak in their relationships with women. The cases of aggression in males to females make one wonder about the ethics that are taught in some parts of the world. Perhaps, domestic violence cases really arise from mental issues and feelings about oneself.