Kickstarter Created a Time Machine to Go Back to the Future

For those who are interested in experiencing different time cycles, or traveling to certain parts of the world in different eras, look no further than R5. The R5 device on Kickstarter is a virtual time machine device. You can experience the sights, smells, sounds, feels, and tastes of a different era or reality. You can even choose to go “back to the future”, so to speak.

R5 Is a Time Machine

The R5 device is a time machine device that offers sensory feelings. While the end product is not yet complete, the prototype is a bulky resemblance of the final device. And, it offers enough that you can feel that you are in a different era.

Kickstarter Created a Time Machine to Go Back to the Future

R5 Has Multiple Features

The R5 has multiple features that might allow you to experience all parts of a movie. Thus, you can feel like the action is happening to you in reality. The invention includes scent dispenser, taste dispenser, rumbler and recoiler, fan, and directional audio.

With a scent dispenser, or a scenter, you can experience the smells of the time. The scent cartridge has a timeline of scents that correspond with the movie. And, the scent cartridge carries scents on its films. Each scent can feature for about 2 seconds.

Taste and Motions of the Back to the Future

The taste dispenser allows you to taste items. It has different edible film strips that also line up with the timeline of the movie. Each flavor can last for about 10 seconds.

There is a separate rumbler, or recoiler, that can allow you to feel different motions in your hands. The rumbler gives one a physical tackle experience, corresponding to what is in the movie. It can have different levels of vibration as well. There is a recoiler feature that also allows you to experience the recoiling effect of shooting. So, with this device, you can experience shooting, motorcycles, and other sorts of action films.

R5 also has a fan feature, to allow the user to experience different wind effects. This can correspond with parts of the movie that include driving, sky diving, and other things.

The Sound of the Back to the Future

The R5 device even comes with directional audio. This has all sorts of functions, such as allowing you to feel as if someone is speaking into your right ear. It might also mimic airplanes on one side, and sounds of nature.

The R5 project can come with 3D glasses, so that you can experience a movie in 3 dimensions. This is optimal so that you can feel truly immersed in the film, like it is happening to you.

Although the project has not raised a lot of funding so far, the headset concept has a lot of potential. With further funding, we believe that the headset aesthetics can improve, and that movie theaters might decide to implement this concept.