Apple Merged with Nintendo Switch; Gamers Are Happy

Imagine using your favorite Apple Bluetooth AirPods with your Nintendo Switch. This seems to be a heavenly match, right? Well, there is a project that aims to create the capability of using your Bluetooth audio with Nintendo Switch. The project’s name is GENKI.

Use GENKI for Nintendo Switch

Finally, a team created the concept of a Bluetooth 5 adapter for the Nintendo Switch. The adapter, GENKI, allows you to use your favorite Bluetooth headphones while you are playing on your Nintendo Switch. You do not have to worry about those tangled headphone wires anymore. You have more freedom, more space, and more convenience.

Additionally, this device will allow you to pair the device with two headphones, to share the Bluetooth experience. Date night, anyone? This is a brilliant gift for couples who want to share their Nintendo Switch experience, with minimal tangled wires.

Apple Merged with Nintendo Switch; Gamers Are Happy

The Project Raised Almost $1M USD

It seems like gamers are very happy with this concept. The concept is so high in demand that it raised almost $1M USD on its campaign. Thus, it is 1772% funded based on its initial fundraising goal.

The GENKI itself in the campaign cost a minimal amount of money, about $39 to $59 USD, plus shipping. The price is not too high that it can be out of reach. That is probably the reason why a few thousand project backers claimed this item at those prices.

The new era of gamers seems to be a generation that is looking for more space and more minimalism. Just like earlier generations went from very large computers to very minimal ones, this new generation is doing the same with gaming.

This generation is making their lives more simple. Instead of dealing with tangled wires, they want to deal with devices with no wires. And, they want to connect more with those around them. Just imagine that this simple concept drew almost $1M in funding. Wow, right?