China to Find Aliens on the Moon; SpaceX to Follow?

One of the questions that people ask is, “Why didn’t NASA return to the moon?”. Possible answers are that it is too expensive, NASA is colonizing Mars, etc. Another possible answer is that, according to rumored reports of astronauts, they saw aliens on the moon. Of course, this has been hidden from the public. Now, China is launching a probe to the moon. SpaceX is also expecting to take Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa around the moon in 2023.

China’s Probe to the Moon

China launched a probe to the far side of the moon. The probe launched from China’s Sichuan province, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. China did not state when it expects the probe to reach the far side of the moon. However, rumors are that the probe will reach the far side in early January.

This is not a manned mission. The probe will explore the far side of the moon and provide information to Earth’s organizations about it. Additionally, the probe will need to communicate through a relay satellite. The far side of the moon is the more unexplored area of the moon. It has more craters. The probe will gather more information about the lunar rocks on the far side as well.

SpaceX to Follow in 2023

SpaceX expects to follow with a mission around the moon in 2023. It will hold paying passenger Yusaku Maezawa, as well as 6 other artist seats that Yusaki reserved. The artists can go for free, but they will have to create moon art after they return from the trip. The SpaceX mission around the moon is expected to be approximately one week.

Rumored Astronaut Reports of Aliens Around Moon

One of the possible reasons why NASA has not gone back to the moon with a manned mission is that there might be aliens. There are rumored reports of alien sightings by astronauts on their missions. And, one of the astronauts might have been Neil Armstrong. A former NASA employee also reported of alien sightings and unnamed radio hams that bypassed NASA’s media outlets. They picked up the Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 broadcast that the astronauts saw huge spacecraft on the moon crater, watching them.

If the rumors of astronauts seeing aliens on the moon are correct, it is possible that aliens on the moon might be watching spacecraft flying around the moon. Especially, China’s probe that is landing on the moon is not holding humans at this moment; we are wondering how much China knows. Additionally, the SpaceX mission in 2023 will be for a short trip around the moon. If the mission continues, we are also wondering what sights this might hold.