Amazon Alexa's Evil Alter Ego Teaches Chinese

For those of you who want to learn how to speak Chinese, you can do it by talking to a robot similar to Amazon’s Alexa. This robot is Lily, which its creator company claims to be the first smart speaker that teaches Chinese.

Lily Smart Speaker Can Teach Chinese

The Lily smart speaker, which reminds one of Amazon’s Alexa, seems to be Amazon Alexa’s evil alter ego. It can teach you how to learn Chinese and take over the world. Well, not really.

What the device can do is to allow you to speak to it and to ask it to translate sentences into Chinese. The concept of the device is to offer beginner to advanced level Chinese language education and translation.

The device offers a variety of interactive ways to learn Chinese. It offers games for vocabulary training, pronunciation correction, and Chinese exam preparation.

Amazon Alexa's Evil Alter Ego Teaches Chinese

Amazon Alexa Rival Raised Almost One Million Dollars so Far

As of now, the device project has raised almost $1M dollars. This is astounding, given that it has so far raised 9950% of its initial $10k goal. The Early Bird Lily costs $149 USD + shipping. With six colors, touch controls, and voice AI, the item reminds one of an improved Amazon Alexa.

The level of funding that this Amazon Alexa’s alter ego has raised just goes to show that people believe in a bright future for the Chinese economy. In fact, people believe in the future of the Chinese language so much that over 5k people backed the project.

What Is Chinese Amazon Alexa?

Of course, the device is not perfect. Although backed by Chinese engineers, some of its translations can be specific to a certain region of Chinese dialect. Thus, the device might have certain translations that are not common in other Chinese regions. This is a common issue across China.

Despite the issues we might have with the device’s translations, we believe that the concept of an Amazon Alexa rival that teaches Chinese is great. The details can improve over the next versions.