Mini Cinemark Movie Theater Is About to Go “Sold out”; Marvel Fans Are Happy

A cool mini Cinemark movie theater device is now on Kickstarter. It is so great for watching Marvel movies that it has raised over $20k for its goal of $10k. The mini movie theater device is a roundish portable projector. Moreover, you can carry it around with you by hand or in your purse.

Mini Cinemark Movie Theater Is About to Go “Sold out”; Marvel Fans Are Happy

Bring Docoy to Get a Cinemark-Like Experience

Docoy is a portable size projector that you can carry with you on your camping trips, date nights, and game nights. Thus, you will easily be able to watch your Marvel movies with the highest quality screen experience from home. Small and light, you can take it around in your bag, or carry it with a short strap. In addition, you can even get a long strap to carry Docoy as a shoulder bag.

Docoy Has Great Features

Docoy has great features. It comes with 300 ANSI Lumens, the highest Lumens in the industry for clarity and brightness. Additionally, it projects onto a 120” HD screen, with over 6 hours of view time. Also, it supports iOS and Android and has a wide range of free movies and games. Above all, you can get the subwoofer feeling with sound coming from 2 small 3W speakers.

Mini Cinemark Movie Theater to Begin

Docoy has other features as well. It has wireless entertainment streaming. In fact, it can stream content directly from gadgets, including your phone, tablet, desktop, and game consoles. It can even do this with zero lag. You can even use a MicroSD Card on Docoy, as it comes with the slot. Even without Wi-Fi, the device works with TV boxes and other streaming devices. It even allows you to use Bluetooth to connect your wireless earbuds.

When watching a movie using the Docoy projector, you do not need to worry about the vertical and horizontal screen correction. Docoy comes with image correction so that the screen distortion automatically corrects itself.

Mini Cinemark Movie Theater Is About to Go “Sold out”; Marvel Fans Are Happy

Docoy Is a Great Cinemark Replacement

This device is a great Cinemark replacement that you can carry in your purse. It is about to go sold out. And, we are sure, the Marvel fans will be happy with this new gadget.