Russian “Google” Phone and Self-Driving Car to Beat Apple and Uber?

Russia is working hard to develop new tech in the midst of the financial crisis. The Russian ruble is crashing down, and purchasing an iPhone is now financially hard. Thus, Russian tech giants, like Yandex, invent their own technologies. If you were to imagine a “Russian Google,” that would be Yandex. In its recent announcements, the company introduced its version of the iPhone. Previously, the company impressed the world with its version of a self-driving Uber.

Russian “Google” Yandex Designs Smartphones

The Russian economy is under a lot of pressure. Thus, Yandex, the biggest search engine in RUS, is using this opportunity to offer affordable tech solutions. In recent news, the company outlined the key features of its new smartphone. The affordable $270 USD phone looks like a simple version of an Android phone. The new gadget has Yandex software; additionally, the device includes the most basic apps such as GPS, weather, and music. As a result, you get the most basic smartphone experience, for a cheaper price.

Russian “Google” Phone and Self-Driving Car to Beat Apple and Uber?

Yandex Self-Driving Cars to Replace Uber

Before the smartphone era, Yandex managed to invent its own self-driving car. Just like Uber, the Russian tech giant is working on bringing self-driving vehicles. It wants to introduce these vehicles to the masses. And, things seem to be working just fine. There should be domestic car companies, due to Russia being in a deep hole.

Russian “Google” Phone and Self-Driving Car to Beat Apple and Uber?

What Will Come Next for Russia

With the current political situation in the country, things do not seem to be working well for RUS businesses. Hopefully, there will be another wave of new tech developments in the country. Previous waves included the video-tape recorder, the helicopter, and the TV.

In fact, what it looks like right now is that RUS companies are creating copies. That is, they are looking at concepts that exist. Then, they come up with their own versions. Albeit, these versions are more affordable for RUS citizens.