NASA Is Aggressive About Aliens; Area 51 E.T.s Confirmed

It could be that NASA has been hiding information about aliens from us all along. At the very least, the agency is aggressive about alien information. And there are multiple facts that confirm this statement. In fact, one man, Robert Lazar, claimed to work on alien projects around Area 51; many ridicule his story. Many scientists do not believe in aliens.

Despite the ridicule around aliens, Silvano Colombano, a computer and robotics expert in NASA, agrees with the possibility of alien existence. According to the expert, researchers should not be so quick to believe that aliens do not exist. Even more, Silvano believes that scientists make one wrong assumption. He points out that people tend to think that aliens are like humans.

Robert Lazar Confirms Aliens in Area 51; Passes Lie Detector

Among numerous accounts by people who said that they worked on secret alien projects, Robert Lazar stands out. Robert Lazar is the owner of a scientific supply company. Moreover, Lazar is someone who stepped out into the spotlight; he said that he had worked to reverse-engineer E.T. spacecraft around Area 51. Robert claims that he signed a statement with U.S. military officials early on; and, if he revealed anything, his family’s execution would somehow arise. Even more, Robert Lazar gave a laundry list of his credentials. However, when people tried to verify them, the records were not verifiable. Consequently, Robert claims that the government erased them.

Robert’s statements brought Area 51 into public scrutiny. No doubt, many believed Robert Lazar to be a pathological liar. However, some details of Robert’s story were found to be true. Additionally, the film about Bob Lazar and about Area 51 & Flying Saucers reveals that Lazar passed four lie detector tests.

NASA Is Aggressive About Aliens

If NASA is not hiding information about aliens, it is, at the very least, aggressive about alien information. A lot of thought went into the possibility of alien tech. The NASA computer expert Silvano Colombano believes that researchers have the wrong assumptions. In fact, he points out that aliens might not be completely biological; rather, they might have some hardware. Thus, they might be able to travel long space distances without dying.

Aliens Have Hardware

This story sounds scary. But, we do not know what NASA might know. For all we know, NASA might be manufacturing this story as well. There are too many eyewitness accounts of alien projects by former NASA and government officials. When they come forward to tell their stories, these former workers oftentimes risk losing their lives.

Silvano Colombano’s version of aliens for the media sounds strangely like Elon Musk’s vision of the future. Musk’s ‘safe’ version is one in which AI and humans combine to create hybrids. Humans start installing hardware into themselves.