Hollywood Forced Fortnite to Go the Game of Thrones Way

These people of Hollywood are now suing Fortnite for “illegally stolen” dance moves and characters. Because of that, Fortnite chose to go the Game of Thrones way by offering swords in the game… instead of special dances. 

People in Hollywood Are Suing Fortnite over Non-Consensual Copying

A number of people in Hollywood are suing Fortnite. There are those who say that Fortnite copied their dance moves; these include 2 Milly, BlocBoy JB, and Donald Faison.

The most notorious claim is that from 2 Milly, a Brooklyn rapper. 2 Milly says that Fortnite took his “Milly Rock” dance and copied it into the game. On top of that, the artist says that Fortnite profited from taking the dance, without paying 2 Milly. As the result, 2 Milly is suing Fortnite for the copyright infringement.

Epic Games Makes Epic Fails

Blocboy JB and Donald Faison are 2 others who say that Fortnite took their dance moves without asking them or paying them. Blockboy JB had a “Shoot” dance, which he says Fortnite used. Also, Donald Faison performed a dance in the TV show, “Scrubs,” and he said Fortnite used this dance as its default dance.

Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, also has a lawsuit pending against it from a former NFL player. The NFL player, Len “Skip” Hamilton, says that Epic Games copied his character without asking for his permission. According to the celebrity, Epic Games used his character for the Cole Train character in its Gears of War video game series. The real issue was that Epic did not even ask the celebrity’s permission.

Hollywood Forced Fortnite to Go the Game of Thrones Way

Fortnite Is Now Creating Swords

Epic Games recently hinted that it will bring swords into the Fortnite game. Fortnite did not announce when the swords will be available; but, the news already increased user excitement. People are predicting that the swords will allow up-close combat, rather than shooting. Thus, they are expecting up-close bloodshed, like scenes in the Game of Thrones series.

It looks to us like Hollywood forced Fortnite to go the ‘Game of Thrones’ way, with swords. This is because Fortnite is facing a backlash over copying celebrities’ moves without their consent. If Fortnite is introducing swords for up-close combat; this could significantly change our perception of the game as kid-friendly.