Fortnite Dance Move Creator Joined Lindsay Lohan to Sue Xbox Games

Fortnite partly earned its popularity due to cool dance elements. By featuring many signature dance moves, Epic Games gave Fortnite a unique feel. Due to its fans, the game got so successful that its sales earned millions of dollars. Some of these sales came from the dance moves. While benefitting itself, the company “forgot” to share revenues with the original inspirations. Thus, one of the creators of the dance move, Rapper 2 Milly, brought the game company to the court. Similarly to how Lindsay Lohan tried to sue GTA, the rapper hopes that he will have justice.

Fortnite Dance Move Creator Joined Lindsay Lohan to Sue Xbox Games

Fortnite Dance Move Creator and Lindsay Lohan Sue Xbox Games

Just like Rapper 2 Milly, Lindsay Lohan tried to sue a gaming company as well. In her case, Lohan went after GTA. Allegedly, GTA 5 featured a female character who looked like Lindsay Lohan. The female character had the name of Lacey Jonas.

Of course, Lohan brought evidence to the court and fought. Interestingly enough, the GTA character looks like Lindsay in her old photos and even wears the same outfit. Even more, the posture of the character seemed precisely like Lohan’s. It seemed like copyright infringement to Lindsay.

Sadly for Lindsay, the court rejected her case. But, perhaps for Rapper 2 Milly, his legal case will have more luck.

Piracy and Improper Remuneration Might Hurt Artists

When it comes to artists and other creative individuals, intellectual property is the only thing that makes them money. Otherwise, they will struggle with making a living. If composers or singers do not get revenues from Spotify, they will get poor. The same comes for photographers; they make money by selling pictures. They do not give pictures away for free. That is why companies like iStock exist.

It is obvious that copyright infringement should be punishable. However, let us not forget that it is often hard to tell what is one’s property and what is not. Additionally, certain cases are more complex than others. Celebrities and video game producers should find ways to work together. They should not take advantage of one another. Jealousy and greed should not prevail.