New Tech Tampon for Women Is the Next Big Thing

There is new tech out there for women that allows them to have peace of mind. This tech is a tampon-leak tracking device. For women who have menstrual overflow, are afraid of leaks, or are afraid of TSS, this is the perfect solution. The name is my.Flow.

New Tech Tampon for Women Is the Next Big Thing

my.Flow Tracks Tampon and Menstrual Cycle

The device, my.Flow, tracks your tampon. After you insert your tampon, you connect the string to the device. Then, you clip the small device to your pants. It is small enough to conceal. 

You can pair the device with your phone app. This can help track when your tampon is full. You can set the notification periods. You can tailor the app notifications to alert you when the tampon reaches a certain level of fullness. 

The device can even track your menstrual cycle. The device can track your historical cycle start and end dates. It can even track your menstrual levels over time. Thus, the device can monitor your levels in real-time. You can monitor your menstrual health better.

The inventor company surveyed hundreds of women for their preferences. The survey consisted mostly of women in the U.S., where the company is located. As a result, the company found that over 50% would buy a product that helps prevent menstrual leakage. Even more, 82% of women in the survey were ready to buy a product that lets them reduce risk of TSS.

New Tech Tampon for Women Is the Next Big Thing

The Media Features my.Flow

The company was founded in 2016. Despite its young age, the media has displayed my.Flow a number of times. The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, and other publications have featured the product. 

With this nice product, women will no longer need to worry about stains on their clothes. Furthermore, they can avoid relying on super-absorbent tampons that increase Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) risk. Instead, they can just buy the my.Flow device. Certainly, the new tech tampon can become a new trend.