More Women Committed Alcohol Suicide This Year

Alcohol kills, but apparently it does not scare people from consuming it. This year, more people committed unintentional suicides by consuming alcohol. The majority were female victims.

One Glass of Wine Shortens Your Life by 30 Minutes

While different studies suggest different things, Cambridge researchers suggest that one extra glass of wine can shorten your life by 30 minutes. While 5 standard glasses of wine (175ML) is a safe limit, each extra glass can cost you time off of your life. Women are the individuals with the highest risk, as they typically weigh less than men do. By consuming the same amount of alcohol as men, women can put themselves in more danger.

Alcohol Kills You Quickly

By consuming too much alcohol, you risk getting heart failure or a stroke, which can lead you to the sleep of death. To combat this, many individuals with alcohol addiction are trying to treat their illness with the help of VR.

VR to Save People from Alcoholism

There are unique VR treatment labs that are helping drug addicts and alcoholics battle their  addictions. By placing the patients in the environments that they are afraid of most, the labs train weak-willed people to overcome their addictions.

There Is so Much More to Life Than Alcohol

Back in medieval times, when folks did not have many sources of entertainment, they organized beer parties that made them feel happy and buzzed. Those were times with less education and a lack of high tech. Today, in an age of cool levitating technology and Augmented Reality, we have many options. We can choose whether or not to engage in this lowly behavior. There are so many more things to do than to risking our lives by drinking costly beverages. For example, why not program some AI? The smart visionaries are doing it.

More Women Committed Alcohol Suicide This Year