Elon Musk Gave AI Advice to US Congress

At an ISS R&D conference, Elon Musk gave AI advice to a U.S. Congress worker. At the conference, Elon discussed AI, Biology, and Neuralink. One person stood up and asked Musk a question. This man named himself as Chris who worked for Congress; he inquired Elon about A.I., from a policymaker perspective.

Elon Musk Gave AI Advice to US Congress

U.S. Congress Worker Had A.I. Question for Elon Musk

The brave individual, Chris, asked Elon to elaborate on his views on A.I. Chris introduced himself as someone who worked for Congress, for Representative John Conyers. Chris asked Elon Musk what he is seeing that we, the general public, do not get to see. Additionally, he asked Musk of what Elon thought that he should be doing, as a policymaker, to help protect us.

Consequently, Elon Musk gave advice to Chris; and, interestingly enough, Elon had different perspectives. On one hand, Elon, as a businessman, is against regulation. On the other hand, Elon, as a human being, believes that we need to “get ahead” of the artificial intelligence regulation issue.

Elon Musk Answers Congress Worker About A.I.

Elon Musk answered the A.I. question from a policy perspective. To start, the entrepreneur pointed out that A.I. is improving at a much quicker pace. He said that the pace is quicker than conservatives predict, due to a double exponential factor. First of all, he said, we have an exponential increase in hardware capability. Additionally, we have an exponential increase in software talent for A.I.

Musk stated that, due to the double exponential increase, A.I. is improving at a much faster pace than we thought. As an example, Elon stated that A.I. defeated the world’s Go champion; people initially thought this would take 20 years. However, the A.I. was able to defeat other top Go champions in 50 straight games, just 1 year later. To frame this, Musk said that A.I. is developing on hardware that is unsuitable for it.

Hence, Musk said that the government’s role is to make sure that the public is safe. Elon cites that food, drugs, and other industries already use regulatory agencies. Likewise, he advised the government┬áto first use a regulatory agency to gain insight into A.I. Above all, he warned that the agency should make sure that people do not “cut corners” on A.I. safety.