Microsoft Surface Speaker Is Now on Sale; Apple Is Jealous?

A French company came up with the first speaker system for the Microsoft Surface. It fits right into the flap of the Surface in a triangle shape. Additionally, the speaker system is perfect for all Surface models. Apple might be jealous of the attention.

A Company Creates Microsoft Surface Speaker

The company, Bidul & Co, created the Surface Sound Speaker. The gadget fits with the Surface, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3. Additionally, it is wireless and can run Bluetooth. The device has Micro SD/USB function and a power bank feature. It is available in white, grey, and black colors.

Though the company closed its campaign, at first it expected a retail price of $80 for the Speaker; $60 was the lowest price on offer. The $60 fee covered international shipping costs, as well. 

Microsoft Surface Speaker Is Now on Sale; Apple Is Jealous?

Apple Could Be Jealous?

There is too much attention on Microsoft these days. Consequently, Apple could be jealous of this new wave of interest. Apple could also be jealous because users are complaining about Apple accessories; the main issue with them is the cost. Because users think that they are too pricey, they migrate to other options. And, it could be a sign for Apple. However, there is no real replacement for the Apple brand as of yet.

Accessories for Microsoft are increasing on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Indeed, many third-party startups are creating accessories these days. This is because it might be easier for them to launch a marketing campaign; most people in the tech world are aware of Microsoft Surface. Thus, the fact that startups invent accessories for Surface is not surprising.

Accessories have become popular with tech products. Certainly, it is cool that startups can quickly make money by inventing these. Additionally, the corporate whales benefit, too, as users can have better experiences when they use add-ons.