YouTube Makes Fun of Final Fantasy; Nintendo Switch Fans Are Happy

Final Fantasy XII is now on offer for Nintendo Switch versions. The great news uplifts the gaming community. And because of that, let us recall how much fun the Final Fantasy game really is.

The company Hironobu Sakaguchi created the popular fantasy adventure in 1987. Since then, the series sold more than 142 million games worldwide. Surely, it is one of the best-selling video game franchises. Moreover, the game has so much influence that even YouTube is full of Final Fantasy compilations, walkthroughs, and parodies.

YouTube Video Features Final Fantasy

One of the top YouTube videos featuring Final Fantasy role-playing is a prank video by Mega64. The popular content garnered over 300k+ views on YouTube and about 12k likes.

In the prank video, the Final Fantasy Cloud Strife character becomes a real-life person. Consequently, he journeys into the real world and fights other characters. Although, the people in the real world watch the fake battles with confusion. However, the ones who understand the role-play prank seem to enjoy the entertainment.

YouTube Makes Fun of Final Fantasy; Nintendo Switch Fans Are Happy

Final Fantasy Has a Price Tag

Despite Final Fantasy’s prices, many still want to buy it. The fans of this popular game are faithful. Because of this, the science fiction role-playing genre went viral. In fact, the business has changed the way that the owning company relates to other video game developers. Thus, many role-playing games have copied features from Final Fantasy.

Nintendo Switch Fans Are Happy

Nintendo Switch fans are happy that Final Fantasy is on offer these days. Those who don’t have the new Nintendo console yet, no problem. The new Nintendo is now on sale too ($299.99); and, it is worth the price.

If you do not own Nintendo Switch and you have not tried Final Fantasy, Christmas is coming. Just ask your closest relative if you can get the two for Christmas. Certainly, you can get at least one of them.