New Lenovo AR Detects UFO in the Sky; NASA Knows…

A Chinese aircraft manufacturer, COMAC, signed a partnership with Lenovo Research. The partnership will allow Lenovo AR tech to improve COMAC’s manufacturing process.

The Chinese company will be using AR for various areas. These areas include factory assembly and remote assistance. Previously, Lenovo Research showcased its AR tech at Tech World 2017. At this event, a tech expert with an AR headset worked on an engine. The headset displayed info for this task and made it easier.

Using AR is not new for the aircraft industry. NASA is already using it for spacecraft manufacturing. Additionally, pilots can use AR glasses to fly. Their AR glasses can help detect objects in the sky.

New Lenovo AR Detects UFO in the Sky; NASA Knows…

AR Can Help Aircraft Manufacturers and Detect UFOs 

AR wearables are helping pilots and aircraft manufacturers. This is because they introduce solutions for complex tasks.

Aircraft manufacturers use AR to assemble parts. One of these companies is Lockheed Martin, which produces spacecraft for NASA. AR tech allows workers to see instructions in front of their eyes. The process is easier than reading long docs. Thus, AR tech makes the work easier.

Additionally, AR glasses, such as those offered by Aero Glass, help pilots. They allow pilots to easily see unidentified objects, as well as obstructions that block their way. Thus, the pilots can quickly see issues. As a result, the AR glasses help make the flights safer. 

NASA Is Aware of UFOs and Aliens

Next, NASA might use high tech AR for its astronauts. This means that NASA astronauts will be able to see UFOs. As the result, pilots in Antarctica will be able to see an E.T. base in the NO FLY zone. Based on statements by a former US Navy Officer, UFOs prevail in that area.

With AR glasses, pilots will be able to more easily identify UFOs and E.T.s. Even more, the glasses might have recording features. AR is new tech that might help us find out whether E.T.s exist in space.