New AI to Turn People into Batman, Captain America, and Superman

DeepMind Technologies is a British AI company that Google owns. The new tech firm recently announce its first significant milestone. The milestone involves showing how AI research can accelerate scientific discoveries. DeepMind said that its system, AlphaFold, was able to accurately predict protein structure based on the protein’s genetic sequence. This system can help scientists combat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cystic fibrosis. Fighting diseases is not the only possible use. It is also true that scientific discoveries by the new AI technology can help create superhumans. Thus, the new tech might one day create real-life people with Batman, Captain America, and Superman qualities. New AI to Turn People into Batman, Captain America, and Superman

What Does DeepMind Technologies Do

DeepMind Technologies is an AI company with British headquarters and research centers in California, Canada, and France. Currently belonging to Google, DeepMind has been busy trying to mimic the human mind and the human body. Its programs include mapping out the neural network for a machine to play video games like a human; additionally, the firm is working actively on further improvements of its protein structure mapping. In 2016, DeepMind’s AlphaGo program famously managed to beat Lee Sedol, the world “Go” champion, in a five-game match.

DeepMind Technologies AI Might Help Create Superhumans

According to DeepMind, the process of using AI to map out proteins is cheaper than depending on trial and error in lab experiments. Such experiments can cost one years and tens of thousands of dollars for each protein structure. DeepMind Technologies, using its AlphaFold AI program, was able to map out how amino acids will fold into 3D proteins with a high degree of accuracy. It trained neural networks to predict the protein properties and estimate the accuracy of a protein structure. Above all, DeepMind intends to use AI to advance the world of science. With its AlphaGo program’s ability to beat the world “Go” champion in a five-game match, as well as its AlphaFold program’s ability to predict the correct protein structure with high accuracy, DeepMind is on the way to achieving greater scientific knowledge than before. And, with the use of its programs, it might one day help create humans similar to Batman, Captain America, and Superman.