apple OnePlus Smartphone will Replace Apple’s iPhone Forever

While Apple is struggling with its not-so-innovative iPhone XS, a promising leader, OnePlus, is releasing one smartphone after another at a significantly cheaper price and with seemingly better technology.

Apple Is Getting Worse by the Day

According to specialists, Apple is becoming less innovative by the day. The tech giant seems to be focusing less on their customers and more on their shareholders, which is one of the first fundamental steps toward failure. While negative news associated with Apple products are now coming in from all over the web, competitors are focusing on taking the lead in the new tech market. One of these competitors is OnePlus, the phone company of the future.

OnePlus 6T Phone Is the Best on the Market

OnePlus is a 5-year-old Chinese startup that is progressing in the field of electronics at light speed. While Apple is still dominating the market, it is likely that this will not last forever. In fact, OnePlus is about to step onto the iPhone’s toes pretty severely.

For one, the newly released 6T phone is considered the top 1 recommended phone by the majority of tech experts. Additionally, the prices offered by the Chinese company are 2 times as low as the prices offered by Apple. Take all the good qualities of iPhone, add more battery power along with additional cool features like touch screen fingerprint sensor, reduce the price by 2 times, and you will have the OnePlus 6T phone.

OnePlus Smartphone will Replace Apple’s iPhone Forever

From Microsoft to Apple to OnePlus

A natural progress of things is what humanity experienced for millions of years. One trend replaces the other, and then something new takes over. Just like Apple once topped the headlines with its iPhone, OnePlus is getting at a point of replacing iPhone. Then, five to ten years from now, some new genius will replace all of the previous tech leaders with even better technology.

Progress is a never-ending cycle that will never stop. And healthy rivalry is what helps benchmark progress. There is nothing wrong with it.