New iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus Will Kill Birds?

The iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus 5G phones that are expecting to come out might kill the birds in our air. During a 5G test in the Netherlands, hundreds of birds fell out of the sky. If the technology does this to the birds in flight, who knows what a large amount of 5G phones in the world might do to humans?

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus 5G Phones

5G is the 5th generation of mobile communications. It will have better device connectivity, high system capacity, and other features that make people excited to get it. Huge brands such as Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus will be releasing 5G phones soon. In fact, Apple’s first 5G iPhone might come in 2020, which many people are anticipating. Samsung Galaxy S10 might have a limited production with 5G capability and is coming soon. Additionally, OnePlus’ first 5G smartphone may come out next year. These new 5G phones promise to be among the best in the mobile tech industry.

Birds to Fall out of the Sky in Netherlands During 5G Test

Despite the human anticipation for the 5G phones, let us keep in mind that birds are dying because of radiation waves that are coming out of 5G devices. Many people are still unsure as to what is wrong with the new tech. However, one fact is clear, here. Birds are remarkably sensitive to heat and can feel things that humans do not. For example, birds are known to take flight before earthquakes, and birds get burned to death by solar energy power plants. What would happen if the cumulative effects of the 5G networks slowly kill off humans?

People Kill Birds

With the history of DDT pesticides on birds’ reproductive systems, you would think that humans have learned by now that birds are incredibly sensitive to environmental changes. Let us take care of our animals and think of safer inventions.

New iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus Will Kill Birds?