Tim Cook to Design the Very Last Apple iPhone in 2020

Apple is now facing another big obstacle that will likely push the release of the newest iPhone to 2020. It seems like people are losing hope in Apple’s credibility.

Mistakes made by the company could result in tremendous failures, depicted in the form of massive losses for Apple. Will the popular brand shift to a Tier 2 position?

How It All Started

We all remember the genius inventor, Steve Jobs, who introduced us to a magical phone that mesmerized the world and changed our perception on the term “new tech.” Those were the times which kept our inspiration at its peak.

Cool features were a part of every iPhone that was introduced by Jobs. Today, AAPL is no more than an overhyped bureaucratic machine with intentions to maximize profits. The old times of innovative creativity vanished away.

iPhone X Weaknesses

The weaknesses of the iPhone X, like a lack of external memory slot, are something that a lot of people dislike. Additionally, the Face ID that was designed to bring the advancements to the next level is not practical, and it is not easy to operate.

What’s Next?

It seems that challenges are just beginning with Apple. In order to stay afloat with its Android competitors, AAPL is now trying to match the 5G functionality in its upcoming phone. So far, this task seems to be a struggle.

Issues caused by the 8060 modem chip will, most likely, push the production of the new Apple phone to 2020. While Apple is unhappy with Intel (the modem chip provider and its potential sole supplier in key areas), users are becoming increasingly unhappy with Apple.

Apple Products: General Perception

As an early adopter of AAPL products, I am becoming more and more skeptical about Apple. It looks like the brand is losing its influence in the market and it will soon be time to welcome bright new minds and their startups.

Is Apple’s era over? Will the company lose its faithful followers, due to product issues? Please leave your comments in the comment section.