This New Alien-Looking Device Helps One Lose Fat Quickly

Given the chance, would you trust a brain control device to help you lose weight? The Modius device reminds us of aliens and science experiments. It sends electrical impulses to the part of your brain that has to do with eating impulses. The team that backs this device is a neuroscience team.

Alien Brain Control and Modius: Similarities

Not unlike alien brain-controlling experiments, Modius uses neuro-technology to target the regulatory part of your brain that controls your eating impulses. However much the team cries that this device is safe, we just don’t trust it. We, as humans, do not even know why we sleep, and what causes us to sleep. We are far from knowing all the details of electrical impulses that cause us to sleep. And, if a current-day leading neuroscience team wants to control our impulses to eat, we have to say, “No, thanks.”

Although, as many as 8,000 customers have already bought this eating-controlling device. While some customers might have lost weight with it, we are just wondering about the long-term consequences of wearing this device day-in and day-out.

This New Alien-Looking Device Helps One Lose Fat Quickly

Surviving the Device

Who knows what all these electrical impulses will do to your brain, and if there are any long-term side effects? What if the eating impulse area of your brain stops functioning normally after a few years, and you really have to be force-fed?

This device is not much different from an abduction experiment on your brain impulses done by aliens in their spaceship. Survivors of these alien abductions somehow end up being different and scarred for years.

Weight Loss Results

It seems as if users recorded weight loss with this device, even if it is worn for just one hour each day. We are also wondering if there is permanent weight loss with this device, or whether the results are just there while you are wearing it. We do not want to wear this brain-controlling device (literally) for decades, that’s for sure.