When You Talk, Your MacBook, Facebook, and Alexa Listen; FBI knows...

Never discuss private topics behind your doors, if your MacBook or Alexa are on. It looks like your gadgets are constantly spying on you, and here is the proof. With the most recent criminal case in which Alexa serves as the only witness “testifying” in court, privacy concerns only begin to rise. So, get ready for the new era of gadget etiquette.

MacBook and Facebook Listen to You When You Talk

Facebook was playing data games with its users. While the famous brand denies most of the accusations, it is not difficult to see what is going on. There are many FB ploys that are similar to the ones by Amazon’s Alexa. From new AI inventions that can relate Facebook friends and offer gifts for your relatives’ birthdays and anniversaries to additional ad units that are natively integrated into every feature of the digital interface, the situation is more than just concerning.

What Will Happen in the Future?

With new inventions and developments, it will not be hard to predict the future. In just one decade, the term “privacy” will no longer have the same meaning as it does now. The next generation of gadgets will only get smarter. With change, there will be consequences. New electronics will be storing and analyzing data even better and faster than the ones today. And government agencies, like FBI and CIA, can have full access to that data.

Similarly to how you can use Google to browse through keywords and data on your computer, big corporations and government agencies will be able to search through the phrases that listening gadgets collect from their owners’ private conversations. Even more, organizations could develop special notifications for a specific set of keywords. So, you never know if an FBI agent will knock on your door, the next time you discuss terrorist attacks with your friends over the Counter-Strike game.