Researchers are finding out that fat allows cancer cells to proliferate. This is because fat clogs the type of cell that you use to destroy cancerous tissue. Once fat clogs the cell, the cell stops working. To help you combat obesity, one company invented a solution.

New Tech Saves People from Obesity and Cancer

The Obalon Balloon System is a three-balloon system that places deflated balloons in your belly, where they are inflated. The balloon attaches to the end of a tube, which travels down your esophagus. When the capsule gets into your stomach, you can inflate the balloon. Then, detach the tube and let the device stay in your stomach. Sometimes, the system might cause nausea or unexpected pain. 

Eat Food to Reduce Fat

When you eat, the acids from your food go down to your stomach and the balloon touches the edge of it, signaling to your body that it has eaten enough. You can fill your stomach with 1, 2, and then 3 balloons to help inflate the empty area of your belly. Each balloon is the size of a small orange.

All Obalon balloons must be removed in 6 months. Thus, the tube goes down your esophagus again, where it connects to the balloon and deflates it. The tube attaches to the balloon and pulls it out of your body. Patients who tried this procedure reported mild abdominal pain and nausea for 2 weeks. On top of this non-surgical process, you have to ingest acid-blocking medicine.

Inflatable Balloons to Save People from Obesity and Cancer

How to Reduce Your Risk of Obesity and Cancer

The lesson is, if you want to reduce your risk of cancer, you should reduce your fat levels. This is because fat blocks your system from destroying cancer cells. If you want to get rid of your fat, you can potentially look at an option such as the Obalon Balloon System. This system can help you feel full and reduce your fat levels.