Socialism Could Save America from Mass Shooting Incidents

Socialism is not the greatest economic and social system. However, according to recent studies, aspects of social connectedness and state or local economic support systems can prevent people from committing crazy actions, such as suicides or mass shootings. Many believe that capitalism causes many to become mentally ill, from lack of social support.

Growing Support for Socialism

There is growing support for socialism. As its political supporters range from Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we can assume that these politicians are drumming up support. Especially, loneliness and stress are key side effects of a capitalistic economy.

Loneliness Is the Root of All Evil

By analyzing social portraits of people who committed suicide and mass shootings, it is not hard to notice one thing that the majority of those people had in common, loneliness. By not sharing your mental state condition with friends or family, you increase your chance to have mental issues. Mental issues, in turn, can lead you to do crazy deeds.

What Capitalism Has to Do with Suicides and Mass Shootings

In socialism, people represent the community. On the other hand, capitalism teaches how to utilize your skills to become better than your neighbor. For the strongest human being in the world, capitalism is a perfect way to freedom. However, for the weakest folks out there, the system of capitalism can be destructive. Because the U.S. is the greatest representative of the capitalist world, cases of mental illness can be especially vivid.

Socialism Could Save America from Mass Shooting Incidents

Suicide Prevention of the Future

While it is hard to find an easy solution to treat people with mental illness, one thing is clear: we have to be more social. By spending less time on social media, and by spending more time communicating with the people around us, we can make one step forward to saving the world from those who are mentally ill. These people are just like us, but they need a little bit more access to love.