SpaceX and Blue Origin to Unite Against NASA

In one of its recent statements, NASA stated that it is retiring its Space Launch System. The reason for this decision lies in the belief that more affordable rockets, such as SpaceX’s Falcon and Blue Origin’s New Glenn, are the right way to go.

SpaceX and Blue Origin: NASA Depends on Them in the New Era of Space Exploration

Several years ago, modern billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk began their journey in exploring outer space. Both companies invented reusable rockets to make space exploration more affordable. It seems like NASA noticed the progress and is relying on its big partners, when it comes to reusable rockets.

SpaceX and Blue Origin to Unite Against NASA

The Importance of Collaboration in Space

When nations unite in any sort of activity, it helps move the world forward much more quickly. Collaboration is important in any field, especially when it comes to space. Currently, there are multiple nations that are actively working on ISS while helping each other in different ways. The Russians are helping the Americans, who are helping the Japanese, who are helping Chinese astronauts, and so on. If this collaborative trend continues, we will likely colonize Mars ahead of expectations, using relatively minimal resources.

All Nations to Colonize Mars

If, instead of competing and declaring new Cold Wars, we focus on utilizing our resources in collaborative ways, it is likely that we will manage to effectively bring people to Mars. By using Russian “nuclear fast” technology and by utilizing SpaceX’s reusable high tech, we can speed up the delivery of our astronauts from Earth to Mars. We can also minimize our risk of failure.

Let us not forget that each nation has its own unique skills and experiences. While Americans were the first on the Moon, Russian Yuriy Gagarin was the first human in space. Noisily and shakily, the Russian rocket became the first human object in outer space. It behooves us to depend on each other for space expertise.