Gross Things Save Babies in the U.S.

Have you ever wondered why a vast number of American kids have allergies? On the other hand, babies from third-world countries have no issues with eating peanuts and consuming dairy products at all. The key to this difference lies in the very core of the subject of the immune system.

New Research by the ACAAI

According to the new research by the ACAAI, kids whose parents suck on their babies’ pacifiers before giving these pacifiers to their children are less likely going to develop future allergies or asthmas. There are a couple of logical things that come to mind. It seems that allergies are either due to some chemical elements in our water or a weak immune system that a baby develops because of an overly clean environment.

Immune System 101: The Basics

Pressure is what turns coal into a diamond. If you want your arms to look strong, you have to exercise at least twice a week. The same logic applies to your immune system. If you want your cells to be able to protect you from germs, you have to expose them to germs. This way, you can train them to recognize and destroy future germs. A strong immune system fights infection.

Steps to Consider to Have Healthy Babies

By overly protecting a child from the environment, we reduce the child’s chances to develop strength. Before forcing our children to study hard at school, we should consider imposing pressure on them at a young age. For example, sucking on pacifiers and then passing them to our kids is a great way to begin their immune system training. What might seem gross might, instead, save your baby’s immune system. It might be another reason why babies and toddlers like to explore their environment and taste dirty things that they see on the ground.

Gross Things Save Babies in the U.S.