Drones Are Now Saving People from Drowning

Several years ago, my brother went camping with his pals around Fire Island. The camping area was beautiful and right by the ocean. What made the experience even better was the idea that my brother and his friends were absolutely closed off from the outside world. These pals were truly enjoying their time. They had barbecue, alcohol, and music. At some point in the middle of the night, my brother decided to show off. He swam into the deep, freezing ocean. The wave took him far away, and no one was able to help, as they were very drunk. By some fortunate miracle, my brother, who is usually a good swimmer, managed to get out after thirty minutes of struggling. But, he could have very easily drowned that night. Luckily, the company SwellPro is creating drones that can rescue people in dangerous ocean situations.

Drones Are Now Saving People from Drowning

Drones That Save People from Drowning

SwellPro invented a drone that can save people from drowning. The drone can carry self-inflating equipment to someone who is struggling to stay afloat. Moreover, the drone can land and take off in water, can carry a camera, and has GPS positioning. This device can save your life or someone else’s life someday.

Saving People in the Future

Ideas for future drones include drones that can pull drowning people out directly out of the water and bring them to safety. Additionally, there can be drones that fly into mountainous regions that are unreachable by car. If 911 receives a call from a deserted region, a drone can fly to the person and pull them out of a dangerous situation, even before the emergency crew arrives.

Most noteworthy, drones might be able to more accurately spot people who are in life-threatening situations. For example, in the ocean, a drone might be able to spot someone who is struggling to swim in the water, and it can dispatch a life-saving device. A drone might be able to fly above a burning area and spot someone in need, using thermal imaging. It might be able to dispatch a rope, with a seat, to the person, and lift the person up through the air to another destination. Certainly, drones have life-saving potential.