Stephen Hawking’s Secret Message Reveals God’s Plans

Stephen Hawking left this world as a hero of the modern age. Although we lost him, nations of the world are still carrying the knowledge that this incredible genius passed on to us. One of his most remarkable works is a recently published book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, that is now in bookstores.

What Stephen Hawking Knew About God

Though Stephen Hawking did not believe in God in the traditional way, he did believe in scientific laws of the world. During his entire life, the scientist tried to figure out how the Earth was created. According to Hawking, our universe, as complex as it may seem, exists of just two things: energy and space. The Universe started spontaneously after the Big Bang, inflating like a big balloon.

God vs. Evil

Though Hawking is not a believer in God, he concluded that once the Universe created itself, it also produced a massive portion of positive and negative energy. The two are absolutely proportional, as it is important that the world maintains perfect balance. While a lot of things seem pretty logical to us, there is one tricky moment. It lies in the self-creation of the Universe.

How Universe Created Itself

Scientists can explain a lot of things that happened after Big Bang. Though, there is one subject that still puzzles physicists. How could the Universe create itself and how is randomness possible? According to Stephen Hawking, the answer lies in the details of quantum mechanics, which are still yet to be studied.

In the tiny details of quantum mechanics, it might be possible that something, for a small period of time, comes into being from nothing. However, we are not entirely familiar with this process as of yet. At those levels, energy can act randomly. These details can hold the clue to how the universe started with the Big Bang.

Stephen Hawking’s Secret Message Reveals God’s Plans