Tesla Will Soon Do Grocery by Itself; No Human Needed

Imagine enjoying the ride in a Tesla car while it drives you to a drive-through grocery store on self-driving mode. All that you will have to do is to sit back and relax. With drive-through supermarkets, you will not need to walk across the parking lot or search for a shopping cart. Well, drive-through supermarkets with Tesla cars on autopilot are within the scope of reality.

Now, there is a concept for a new drive-through store, and even Amazon has rolled out a drive-through supermarket called AmazonFresh Pickup. Because of this, more drive-through grocery stores might be opening. Thus, you can potentially cruise through a nearby drive-through grocery store in the future, on full autopilot in your Tesla.

Tesla Will Soon Do Grocery by Itself; No Human Needed

AmazonFresh Pickup and Drive Market

If in demand, drive-through grocery stores can become a mass-market convenience. You can have a version like AmazonFresh Pickup, where you pre-order your groceries and Amazon employees load your order into your car at the pickup grocery location. Or, you can have another version like Drive Market, where you go to the supermarket, which has aisles for cars to drive through. The sides of the aisles are rotating vending machines, where you can select your food.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla is rolling out full self-driving functionality for its cars, with its autopilot feature. If Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot functionality becomes popular with the mass market, this means that cars will be able to match the speed of the traffic and self-park, among other features. All this can potentially help you cruise along drive-through supermarkets.

Tesla Will Soon Do Grocery by Itself; No Human Needed

Modern Tech

Nowadays, modern tech has advanced to the point where shopping for groceries can be a laborless experience for drivers. Certainly, using full autopilot in drive markets can have multiple benefits for users. Regular users can have reduced injury risk and increased energy capacity for other work.

Even the physically disabled will be able to take the car to the supermarket and get groceries. We hope that while the autopilot is becoming safer over time, drive-through supermarkets are becoming a common reality.