This App Could Make Apple, YouTube, and Instagram Obsolete

It feels like the tech space is expanding, with small startups tackling large problems. One such tackler is Boosto, a company that pretty much declared war against Apple, YouTube, and Instagram. The blockchain leader developed a perfect infrastructure that has a high likelihood of destroying corporate monsters in a decentralized future world.

The Problem with Apple, YouTube, and Instagram


In order to be accepted by centralized app stores such as Apple App Store, one needs to dedicate funds to App Store Optimization. Additionally, monopolists like Apple or Android take huge cuts, in the form of fees, when it comes to in-app purchases (typically 30%-50%).

YouTube and Instagram

Speaking of influencers, it is often hard for creators on YouTube and Instagram to find clients. Bloggers need to spend time reaching out to potential clients. The process drags out a lot of your energy and time. If you are a YouTuber, it is better to focus your time on crafting great content than on doing sales. The competition is tough.

This App Could Make Apple, YouTube, and Instagram Obsolete

Boosto Has a Solution to Offer

By creating a unique infrastructure for developers and influencers, Boosto is now offering a great opportunity to potentially millions of talented people around the world. For example, developers can directly connect with influencers on the Boosto platform. Instead of paying 30%-50% fees to corporate monsters like Google or Apple, one can just dedicate the precious resources toward promotion.

How Boosto Works

The Boosto Protocol Framework offers easy-to-use tools and libraries to developers of all kinds. Once the developers build new products on the Boosto framework, influencers can then promote the apps. By collaborating together, creators and influencers both benefit off of the profits for newly invented software products. One side creates a product, and the other side promotes the product. It is simple and straightforward. Once the two parties make a profit, they then share it. Thus, no middleman is involved.