New Tech Might Replace Messenger, Apple Pay, and Venmo

There is currently a company that might easily outcompete Messenger, Apple Pay, and Venmo. This company is called Sylo, and its competitive advantage is to give people access to freedom of communication and financial management tools.

Sylo to Make Messenger, Apple Pay, and Venmo Obsolete


With rising concerns regarding privacy on Social Media these days, Internet users can be extremely skeptical when it comes to communication platforms. Because Sylo is based on blockchain, it ensures privacy to its users at all times. As a Decentralized application, or DApp, Sylo is incapable of accessing private data that is securely stored on blocks.

New Tech Might Replace Messenger, Apple Pay, and Venmo


As we all know, digital coins will eventually replace traditional currencies. Thus, applications such as Apple Pay will need to adapt to catch up with new trends. While traditional tech companies are still using outdated financial innovations, Sylo is promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life. You can securely store your crypto in one of Sylo’s digital wallets, as well as pursue your financial goals in a smarter way.

New Tech Might Replace Messenger, Apple Pay, and Venmo

Better Than Venmo

Similarly to how you can transfer cash to a friend using Venmo, you can now send payments to your friends via the Sylo app. You can send a cryptocurrency payment quickly to someone across the globe. The transfer will only take a couple of minutes.

One App Fits All

Whether you are an avid techie or whether you are an average consumer, Sylo is a great tool. You can use it for your day-to-day activities such as messaging and transferring currencies. In fact, with the rising popularity of cryptos, Sylo might become the main App that people use. Not only is the aforementioned App convenient, but it is also empowering the crypto community. The app adds a priceless service by allowing people to use cryptos in a tangible way.