Nintendo Is Against Downshifting; Indiegogo Is Puzzled

We often enjoy playing classic video games like Mario or Mortal Combat on our old consoles. It helps us bring pleasant memories back to us, so that we can reminisce. Many companies are happy to offer old consoles for sale. Nintendo was part of this category, up until now. The company declared that it is not going to release its N64 Classic Edition anymore.

Nintendo: Downshifting vs. Progress

Downshifting seems to be an ongoing trend these days, especially among younger people. Ranging from startups that are selling little eggs at a price of $15 to individuals who are bringing old consoles back to their living rooms, the downshifting trend is growing. This new trend does not seem to bother anyone but the large corporations, the very ones that are pushing new products to the masses. If Nintendo does not force their new consoles and games upon their customers, who will?

Nintendo Is Against Downshifting; Indiegogo Is Puzzled

The Fundamental Principles of Capitalism

A business is an entity that is supposed to drive revenues. No matter how good or bad the ethics might seem, these are the general rules. If a business doesn’t make enough money, it might be on the way to shutting down. Moreover, the company’s revenue must exceed its cost, for it to be profitable enterprise.

Nintendo Is a Capitalist

Nintendo is doing the exact same thing that Apple and Facebook are doing. It is trying to make its customers focus more on new products, to drive up its incoming revenue. The market competition is high. Not only will the company need to stay competitive in the market, but it will also need to ensure that its old products do not drag attention away from its new products. For Apple, it is easier. To kill the older version of Apple devices, Apple will just need to update its iOS. There is no surprise for customers, there.

We should not even be surprised that Nintendo pulled these strings. The gaming company, after all, has to keep paying its employees, so that their workers can pay for their high healthcare. It definitely is not an Indiegogo campaign for a wooden egg.