Yelp Restaurants to Offer Hologram Menus

Hologram technology is all the rage. More and more startups are trying to come up with new ways to use holographic technology for industries such as fashion and food. Now, for instance, imagine yourself at your favorite Yelp restaurant. In the restaurant, your table has a special device that shows holographic images of what the menu items look like. These items can be life-size, so you never have to ask your waiter or waitress how big the dish is. (I have done this a few times, and it can be embarrassing if your restaurant serves small dishes.)

The new technology is called the HoloLamp. The gadget creates an AR interface that visualizes the restaurant menu in 3 dimensions, right onto your table.

Yelp Restaurants to Offer Hologram Menus

You Can Select Your Yelp Dish from Hologram Menu

HoloLamp envisions future restaurants as having holographic menus. Instead of wasting countless paper and trees on changing menus, restaurants can manipulate the options that are available for serving, through their hologram device. The device can even help cut down serving time, by providing hologram food templates for new Yelp restaurant chefs to copy right onto the dishes.

As a Yelp restaurant reviewer, if you are looking to have a great restaurant experience with no surprises, look no further than the HoloLamp. You can align your expectations with reality by scrolling through options in the hologram device. For visual folks, it will make your life easier by allowing you to see your options. 

What Is Next?

Next up for holograms are add-on features. What if future holograms, or HoloLamps, can spray food scents onto the actual holograph? That way, you can both see and smell the holographic menu option. Now, that would be simulating real life itself. 

In addition, a real possibility is if people build social structures around this device. For example, if holograms of the future can simulate real food, people can have hologram dinner experiences that do not serve real food. You can potentially invite your friends over for a Yelp restaurant hologram banquet, and everyone will be pretending to be swallowing some pretty food, while talking together. This requires some imagination, of course, like when Robin Williams portrayed Peter Pan in his imaginary dinner banquet.