EOS is Demolishing Rockstar Games, Blizzard, and Sega Games

The world is getting more decentralized. What this means for industries is that middlemen will be pushed out, and their power will flow to the people. In the past, decentralization left imprints on the Real Estate, Finance, and Cloud Services industries. Today, distributed ledgers are changing the gaming industry. And, one of the first big players is Mythical Games, the first large EOS-Focused Blockchain Game Studio.

First EOS Blockchain Game Studio

Former Blizzard, Activision, and Yahoo executives formed a company that focuses on next-generation game tech, “Mythical Games.” In the company’s future games, the games’ players will be able to own the assets that they win. This is very different from the previous model of gaming, which involved the gaming company controlling these assets and possibly shutting down at a whim. With a decentralized EOS blockchain-based game, assets can retain their value. One talked-about aspect is that it will also be easy for players to transfer assets on accounts that are blockchain-connected.

While Mythical Games has yet to release a game, its concept of decentralized gaming, where players can own and keep their assets, helped the company attract $16 million in Series-A funding. The funds included Galaxy Digital’s EOS VC Fund and OkCoin. According to Galaxy Digital’s CEO, Mike Novogratz, who is also a billionaire crypto bull, gaming might help the masses taste the potential of blockchain.

EOS is Demolishing Rockstar Games, Blizzard, and Sega Games

Rockstar Games, Blizzard, and Sega to Disappear

Once people are able to accept the concept of blockchain, companies such as Rockstar Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Sega Games will begin to disappear. And, more independent creators will take over in these spaces. With frameworks like EOS, creators will be able to build complex platforms in shorter timeframes. Decentralization will allow the focus to be on creators, instead of on fatty shareholders who do not contribute too much.

Decentralization will change the world and cause new economies to form around different social networks. This is the new era that we foresee for the future.