Health Coders Will Soon Replace Doctors; Top Profession of the Future

These days, a mysterious paralyzing condition is spreading around the United States. To make matters worse, doctors do not seem to be aware of ways to treat the new virus. With more viruses showing up every day, traditional treatments might not be effective in the future. It is time for the health industry to step up and to move to the next level.

People Will Program Robots, Machines Will Replace Doctors

Similarly to how farm robots are slowly taking over farmlands, a new generation of smart machines will, one day, replace human doctors. While one type of profession might disappear entirely, another category of jobs will be in high demand. In fact, there is a long list of not-yet-existing specialties that will, one day, fill the advertisement sections of sites such as Craigslist and LinkedIn. This list of professions includes: Weather Control Engineer, VR Designer, Tech Ethicist, Genetic Engineer, and Human Health Coder.

Health Coders Will Soon Replace Doctors; Top Profession of the Future

Human Health Coding vs. Traditional Approach

Just like programming an application, the new generation of science and tech professionals will be able to program human health. By precisely describing human symptoms in code form, Human Health Programmers will be able to share the data with robots. The machines then will design unique medication, based on what AI believes the humans need. Robots will also administer treatments to humans.

Similarly to how 3d printers build objects by following designs provided by humans, this next generation of machine-doctors will working on designing unique drugs. It is possible that these intelligent robots will be more effective than human doctors at identifying the specific details of rare viruses. The AI will also be better at designing perfect solutions for killing those viruses.

The key element here is a human behind the machine. Just as how a good computer engineer delivers a fast-working mobile application in a short period of time, a good Health Coder will be able to program a machine to treat a human quickly and effectively.