Mexican Looking Robots will be Mowing Lawns for People in U.S.

Similar to the concept of a vacuum cleaner robot, the company Husqvarna designed a lawn-mowing robot concept to help people save time manually spent on trimming grass. At the same time, another robotics company, Furhat Robotics, is solving a diversity problem concerning robots. Let’s connect the dots together and take a deeper look into the recent news.

A Robot That Mows Lawns

Recently, the company Husqvarna invented a cool machine that mows loans by itself. Husqvarna Automower is an electronic worker that maintains the lawn by clipping it on a day-to-day basis. The invention gives the grass a carpet-like look, keeping the environment healthy and green.

The new robot randomly navigates itself on lawns of any complexity. No matter how many obstacles you have, the machine is capable of identifying and avoiding them. Moreover, the robot works in all weather conditions and under all circumstances. When the machine runs out of battery, it returns back to the charging station itself to get a boost of electricity.

Mexican Looking Robots will be Mowing Lawns for People in U.S.

Diversity Amongst Robots

While Husqvarna works on robots to improve homeowners’ lives, Swedish startup Furhat Robotics is there to promote diversity among robots. The company’s newest machine features a lifelike animated face that customers can customize. Thus, anyone can choose a unique look for his or her robot.

The secret of the animated face lies in the Furhat robot’s projection unit, which is placed in the robot’s neck. It projects an animated mask above the robot’s physical face.

Mexican Looking Robots will be Mowing Lawns for People in U.S.

Robots That Look like Mexicans

It looks like there are certain individuals in the U.S. who admire the diligence of Mexican workers. For example, in Alabama, farmers prefer hiring Mexican immigrants over American citizens. American citizens are, according to the farmers, lazier and weaker.

What will people do when technology takes over and there will be no need for manual labor? Seems like, the only thing to do in this scenario is to make a robot look like a beloved employee who helped one’s business prosper for many years. Whether people will make their robots look Mexican, Nordic, Jewish, African or even Alien depends on their own preferences. The point is made. Potentially, there will be no limitations with how these new humanoids look.