Tesla To Join F1 and Nascar with Its New Cars

On November 8, 2018, Tesla outlined the key features of its new Roadster. The new car model has better stability and is full of unique features that are important for sports cars. The new Roadster car has better regenerative braking, powertrain cooling, and motor torque for rotation. Thus, it looks like the number one car brand is making its way to F1 and Nascar.

Tesla on Its Way to Becoming Nascar’s Official Sponsor

Nascar’s official sponsor list includes such popular car brands as Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. Unbelievable races by the aforementioned car brands have entertained people from all over the globe for many years. Because Tesla is getting more and more competitive on the car market, there is a good chance that it may soon join the show and become one of the top leaders at Nascar championships. The technology is already there to impress. Now, it is up to the decision makers. Who knows, maybe one day the Nascar championships will be completely noise-free, as the majority of top car brands are trading gas for batteries.

Tesla to Participate in F1

In one of its latest reviews, F1 outlined the outstanding performance of 2 Renault cars going wheel-to-wheel in an incredible race. The F1 drivers featured by the official company’s website, Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz, would easily be able to simulate similar maneuvers in new generations of Teslas. Of course, the modern-day Roadster is nothing like an F1 car, but the progress has been made. Tesla proves that it is competitive and that it is capable of impressing drivers from all over the world. It can do this, whether it comes to semi-trucks, SUVs, or sports cars.

The Future of Sports Cars

Furthermore, it looks like the future of sports cars will inevitably involve clean cars. Following the steps of Tesla, an absolute leader in the car industry, other brands are seeking to equip their newest car models with lithium batteries. Thus, it is likely that the future ahead of us is more silent and emission-free.