LSD Could Make You Steve Jobs. But Meth is BAD!

Is LSD good for me? Is Meth beneficial? These are the common questions asked by young individuals.

More and more meth labs are being found in America. And it’s taking a terrible toll on children that are exposed to cooking. Over 270 children in Indiana have suffered the ill side effects of meth cooking in 2015 alone. And, rounding up to national figures, it reaches over 3,000 since 2007.

Children Exposed to Meth Labs Have A Dull Future

Meth cooking is a great threat to the development of children for many reasons. Meth cooking parents are usually also addicts. And with the pressure of making new batches of the drug and the effects of using meth, children are often neglected. To date, Delaware County, Indiana alone has made 200 meth lab arrests. This is the top figure in the state.

Meth is Affecting Too Many Young People

Children found in meth cooking lab sites are never healthy. Such kids are often victims of abuse. It happens because meth addiction comes with increased aggressive behavior and hostility. Underage drug addicts often found with injuries and diseases. In one particular case, three children were found beaten and battered. In addition, all three were tested positive for Hepatitis C. The aforementioned kids had needle punctures on their feet and between their toes. Other children have been found with anatomic atrophies, from enlarged livers to untreated and repeated cockroach bites to burns from methamphetamine lab explosions.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley Is Raving About LSD

Microdosing LSD is the latest trend at Silicon Valley. Actually, using drugs is not new around those parts. Quoted by Steve Jobs as one of the three most important things he did in his entire life, it’s still causing quite the stir. According to unnamed professionals at the Valley, LSD can increase creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Microdosing makes the experience of taking LSD centralized, so there are no full-body experiences. It’s a great boost, according to users, but it can also be dangerous.

LSD Could Make You Steve Jobs. But Meth is BAD!