Smart Tattoos on Your Arm Will Be Able to Unlock Your Tesla in the Future

A team of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Coimbra have designed smart tattoos. These are devices that have circuits and that you can wash off. It is interesting how these smart tattoos are designed with silver nanoparticles that can power any gadget. Maybe one day, you can even use it to power up and unlock your Tesla car.

How Smart Tattoos Work

Due to their flexibility and other unique properties, smart tattoos can be used to power devices. These washable wearables can charge and communicate with devices such as health trackers. Even more, they can stick to 3D surfaces.

The smart tattoos are inexpensive to produce. To create one of these wearables, all you will need is a regular printer to print silver nanoparticle circuits with gallium indium coating onto special paper. The tattoos are thin and stretchable, and the circuits have properties similar to lightweight fabrics. Furthermore, these wearables are easily attachable to human skin.

Additionally, smart stickers are easy to remove. Thus, if you ever regret your decision to get one of these smart tattoos, you can just wash it off.

Smart Tattoos on Your Arm Will Be Able to Unlock Your Tesla in the Future

Smart Tattoos to Unlock Your Tesla

It seems that Tesla’s focus on increasing car performance and design is propelling it towards becoming one of the top future car companies. As a result of its focus, the company is becoming more and more influential. One day, with the development of new tech such as device-charging smart tattoos, smart stickers will be able to help you charge your Tesla car. Or, they can help you unlock it.

Perhaps, if one person’s tattoo is too small to charge a whole car, several people can line up to create one large tattoo. One large smart tattoo can potentially be able to charge one large Tesla battery. Once done, everyone can just wash their tattoo portions off.