Tesla Mushroom mushrooms Batteries

A team of scientists had fun, experimented, and created a new energy source for lights, out of mushrooms and bugs. This mushroom-powered light source can potentially one day be used for lamps and Tesla cars. All one has to do is 3d-attach light-creating bugs onto a mushroom, which the bugs will eat. These scientists actually thought of the wacky idea while having lunch.

Mushrooms Generate Power

Mushrooms support a variety of bacterial life. If you are able to print electronic ink onto a mushroom to collect current, you are ready. With bio-ink, you can print cyanobacteria onto the mushroom, which usually generates electricity when you shine a light on it. In fact, the mushroom is what the cyanobacteria eat. With no mushroom, they can die out pretty easily.

Tesla Mushroom Battery

Imagine if your Tesla car ran on a giant mushroom, instead of a giant battery. All that you would need to do is to replace the mushroom as soon as it expires… just kidding. But seriously, think of all the consequences in terms of fossil fuel preservation. Rather than depleting all of our fossil fuels and fighting wars with each other, we can just plant mushrooms for our battery use.

You can have all sorts of fungus and tailor your experience a little bit better, such as having specific types of genetically engineered bacteria that produce more electricity. Oh, and you will need a 3d printer.

These Scientists Are Wacky

These scientists sure are wacky. But there’s no denying that this was a pretty useful experiment which might give way to other inventions that will have serious consequences for the oil industry, the electricity industry, and pretty much any other energy-harvesting industry.

Everlasting Mushroom Car

If these scientists manage to make an everlasting mushroom car that does not rot or smell, then I will be surprised. I might even line up to be the first one to buy one of these things. Let’s just hope the cyanobacteria don’t eat it all up.