More Kids Attempt Suicide Over Fortnite

Fortnite is probably the most popular video game at the moment. It has over 100 million users who generate over 300 million dollars for the developers on a monthly basis. The famous game has a broad appeal and is famous for its shootings, explosions, map elements, and unique skins.

Not everything is great about Fortnite. Because the game is extremely addictive, kids often get overly excited. And, in some cases, the excitement turns into suicide attempts.

Kid Attempts to Commit Suicide over Fortnite

Back in July 2018, teenager Carl Thompson attempted to commit suicide after becoming extremely obsessed with the popular game.

It started gradually. First, the kid began taking amphetamines to pump himself up to be able to play all night long. Over a period of time, the teen turned into a drug addict. Then, at some point, he tried to jump out of the 3rd-floor window to kill himself.

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Fortnite Gets More Addicting by the Day

It seems like incidents that are similar to the one mentioned above do not stop Fortnite from intentionally getting even more addicting. Recently, the Fortnite developers announced its partnership with NFL, in hopes of sparking even more interest among gamers. Not only does Fortnite target gamers, but it also targets NFL fans.

Let’s just hope Elon Musk will save all the kids in the world when disaster hits.

Fortnite Gets More Addicting By the Day

How to Prevent Children from Video Game Addiction

We can blame video game creators as much as we want, but it’s clear that parents are the ultimate ones who are there to teach kids the right things in life. According to Austral University Hospital’s psychologist Belen Mata, there are a few recommendations that adults can start following right now, to help keep their children in good mental and physical health.

Such Recommendations Include:

  • Play video games with children and set time limits;
  • Avoid using games as a form of reward or punishment, as this may spark anxiety or anger in a child;
  • Favor other forms of entertainment. By spending more time playing soccer or basketball, a parent can create healthy habits in a child. These healthy habits do not have to involve a video game device.