New MacBook-Compatible Keyboard to Help You Stretch Shoulders 

MacBook is arguably the most popular laptop that is used in the majority of developed countries. No doubt, Steve Jobs wanted Apple to succeed. Despite its easy-to-use interface and minimal weight, the MacBook is just like any other laptop, with its specific limitations. One limitation is that the MacBook has a keyboard that is part of the physical body of the machine, which some people might find to be unergonomic. Luckily for many, the company Keyboardio found a solution.

MacBook-Compatible Keyboard with Two Halves

Recently, the company Keyboardio launched its cool keyboard, the Model 01, that can be split into two halves. What is great about the invention is that it can be used anywhere and everywhere. With two halves, you can spread them apart to fit your individual size, tent them, or even put them on a tripod for typing height. Whether you want to change the position of your arms or whether you want to avoid shoulder and back pain, the new keyboard will provide the perfect solution.

Stretch While Typing

Not only does the Model 01 allow an individual to choose comfortable arm positions during the work process, but it offers so much more, in terms of stretching and ergonomic positions. Below, you will find tips on what you can do with the cool device.

Shoulder Exercises

First, have two small trays with wheels. Position one half of the Model 01 keyboard on one tray with wheels, and then put the other half of the Model 01 keyboard on the other tray with wheels. Move the trays the opposite ways from one another while typing, and you can perform shoulder exercises.

New Macbook Compatible Keyboard to Help You Stretch Shoulders

Practice Ballet

Ballet is an art form. Many girls and some boys dream about becoming professional dancers someday. Unfortunately, not many of us get to reach this level. Luckily for you though, now you can practice a ballet-inspired arm workout while working on your MacBook. With your new magical keyboard, the physically impossible can become possible.

New Macbook Compatible Keyboard to Help You Stretch Shoulders

Learn How to Balance

With the new two-piece keyboard, you can work on improving your balance. Similarly to how athletes balance their hands while walking on a slackline, you can hold your hands apart while replying to emails in your inbox.

Keyboardio’s typing device offers a unique solution for modern-day humans whose livelihoods depend on new technologies. We all see and use gadgets in our day-to-day activities. Luckily, the magical keyboard can make some of our daily routines more pleasurable and tolerable.