Former Tesla and BMW Engineers to Destroy Subway System and Citi Bike?

Daily commute is a regular routine that rarely makes one happy. A subway train is never empty during peak times, and Citi Bikes are so popular these days that it’s often hard to find an available bicycle at a Citi Bike station. In addition, these stations are oftentimes not within walking distance.

Luckily, former Tesla and BMW engineers designed something that aims to tackle the commute problem. This is the UrmO foldable urban electric vehicle, which we will compare, below, to the EcoReco S5.

From Tesla and BMW to an Exclusive Ultra-Light Foldable Electric Vehicle

After strolling through the corridors of Tesla, BMW, and RIMAC Automobili, former engineers Felix, Jakob, and Sebastian formed a company, UrmO, that might very well compete with the subway train, CitiBike, and other forms of transportation.

What sometimes matters the most in daily commutes is convenience. And convenience is what the UrmO team kept in focus while developing its new revolutionary electric vehicle.

UrmO Vehicle |

UrmO vs. EcoReco S5

There are several obvious factors that determine quality of an electric vehicle: speed, safety, portability, and range. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of UrmO vs. EcoReco S5 (EcoReco S5 is, in my humble opinion, one of the top competitors in this vehicle category).

UrmO vs. EcoReco S5: Speed

When it comes to speed, UrmO is capable of reaching 10 mph while EcoReco S5’s top speed is 20 mph. Both vehicles are pretty fast for short-distance commutes.

EcoReco S5 Electric Scooter
EcoReco S5 Electric Scooter | Filmed by AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke YouTube Channel

UrmO vs. EcoReco S5: Safety

When it comes to safety, it’s really hard to say which vehicle performs better.

On the one hand, we have the new UrmO that is a bit wobbly and may take a person some time to get used to (it comes with an optional handlebar for making rides safer). On the other hand, we have EcoReco S5 that is dangerously fast but also responsive (it comes equipped with fast responding brakes).

UrmO vs. EcoReco S5: Portability

Speaking of portability, UrmO is an obvious leader. UrmO’s weight of 14 lbs is less than half of EcoReco’s 29 lbs. Not only that, but UrmO is extremely portable and can fit in pretty much any spot, while the EcoReco S5 electric scooter is notably clunky.

UrmO vs. EcoReco S5: Range

Keeping in mind the diminutive size of the UrmO, the average range of this vehicle is 13 miles, while EcoReco S5’s average range varies from 10 to 20 miles (depending on various conditions including speed, weather, and road slope).

It takes about 2 hours to charge both vehicles, which you can, believe it or not, do with a regular wall outlet.

UrmO Vehicle
UrmO Vehicle |

Bottom Line

Whether it’s a business meeting or just a casual social gathering, UrmO can be a great new time solution for you. If your workplace is located within the short range of 10-13 miles from your home, you might want to consider UrmO’s new ultra-light and foldable electric vehicle with an optional handlebar.