Arrival Movie’s Language is Now a Reality

Do you remember the “Arrival” movie that showed the world a new perspective on extraterrestrials and their ET language? Unlike other Hollywood movies, “Arrival” outlined the unique aspect of language for extraterrestrials.

Arrival Movie’s Language in Circles

While inventing the ET language, Denis Villeneuve tried to create something unusual. In the Arrival movie, the ET language consists of slow-moving circular symbols that the aliens draw with their limbs.

Just like the director of the popular movie, Denis Villeneuve, who tried to give a unique perspective of time and language in his movie, the startup Ferrolic tried to give a unique perspective of time by developing their invention, the Ferrolic clock.

Arrival Movie’s Language in Circles
Arrival Movie’s Language in Circles

Clock from the “Arrival” Movie

Ferrolic is a unique clock that features the material Ferro Fluid. For those who don’t know what Ferro Fluid is, it is a material that is made of little magnetic fragments of iron that are suspended in oil or kerosene. This fluid forms the digits under the Ferrolic clock’s display.

Because the Ferro Fluid is behaving in an unpredictable way, the time on the Ferrolic clock shows up through poetic transitions and choreographed dances of digits.

Ferrolic clock’s display
Ferrolic clock’s display

Arrival and Ferrolic to Make People See Time Differently

In the movie, the main character has a unique perspective of time. Dr. Louise Banks (the protagonist) obtains new abilities that allow her to travel in time, in a multidirectional fashion.

Just like the magnificent magnetic circles from the chilling Hollywood movie, the new clock invention by Ferrolic allows one to track time through its poetic digital movements. It certainly leaves a strange feeling of eeriness.

How to Purchase Ferrolic

Ferrolic is in the ongoing development and there is a long road ahead. The team still needs time and dedication to reach the mass production stage.

In the meantime, one can visit the company’s official website and send an inquiry to the Ferrolic reps.