DifferentWho – Noble Ant ICO Review

Nowadays, there are many ICOs pushing to the forefront of media. With so many ICOs, it is hard to discern which ICOs might be able to change the world’s perspective. However, DifferentWho has found one ICO that has the potential to turn a traditional model into a new model. This ICO belongs to Noble Ant, which DifferentWho reviews below with regards to its solution, anti-monopolization, and diversity factors.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Solution Factor

Noble Ant provides a solution to an existing problem in the blockchain industry. In the existing industry, a large number of blockchain startups fail, with some that are scams. However, Noble Ant aims to resolve this issue by taking on an accelerator role, filtering these startups in the recent blockchain space through its application process. Thus, investors will no longer have to spend overly excessive time reviewing ICO scams. The aim is for them to use Noble Ant tokens to view Noble Ant’s accelerated startups’ Demo Day pitches.

DifferentWho rates Noble Ant 4.5 out of 5 stars for providing a solution in this current gap in the blockchain space.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Anti-Monopolization Factor

Historically, the opportunity to view Demo Day for an accelerated startup has been traditionally limited to a select group of investors. However, according to Noble Ant’s whitepaper, a Noble Ant token (NANT) holder will able to view the Demo Day of accelerated startups. In this way, NANTs will allow the capacity for a much larger audience and anti-monopolize Demo Day.

Due to this, DifferentWho rates Noble Ant 5 out of 5 stars on the anti-monopolization factor.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Diversity Factor

DifferentWho reviewed Noble Ant’s Diversity factor and rates it 5 out of 5 stars. This is because the issuance of NANT allows for a much larger audience with different experiences and backgrounds. Startups can even tout this as a benefit to applying to Noble Ant’s accelerator program, as it has the potential to accumulate interest across a diverse audience group.

Solution Factor
90 %
Anti-monopolization Factor
100 %
Diversity Factor
100 %