Crypto Millionaires Love These Three Brands

We don’t hear too much about crypto millionaires anymore after the market took a deep dive but they are still out there. That being said, their fortune is reduced slightly. Don’t count these people out yet though. They still have big plans in store for the upcoming bull run and it includes the following three favorite brands.


There are “Lambo” memes for days on the internet but it is not only rooted in humor. Some of the real crypto millionaires of society actually do love Lamborghini. Is this their attempt at becoming a living meme or something else? Well, as the old saying goes, one must look the part so perhaps a lavish purchase like this sends a message. A message saying “Yes, I know how to trade and you should listen to my advice.” Either that, or it’s all just a joke.


For crypto millionaires, money is no object. For that reason, they go for the DragonMint T1. This piece of mining hardware is by far the best one around. So much that manufacturers can barely keep up with demand. Sitting at $2,729 per unit with a hash rate of 16 TH/s and power consumption of 1480, you won’t find a better miner out there. This is the tool an experienced miner would get to stay ahead of the competition and you better believe they will before the next bull run.


Speaking of crypto millionaires, where do you think they get all their money? Sure, some of them got lucky early on. But after this most recent market crash, these people are afraid to spend more of their own money. So instead, they’re using crypto-backed lending platforms like YouHodler.

On this platform, a crypto trader can put their crypto up as collateral and receive a cash loan in return. When the loan is paid off, they get their crypto back. This way, traders can get money for more investments without sacrificing their valuable crypto portfolio. While the market corrects itself, these tools are a great idea to build up a healthy collection of cryptos in preparation for the next bull run