Deaf Singers, Vloggers, and Rappers on Youtube DifferentWho
Andy Signs

The world is full of people with disabilities. According to SIPP, only in America, there are over 10 million individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Although it’s hard for people with limited abilities to be fully functional in this world of competition, some of such individuals find ways to do incredible things that are often challenging even for hearing people. Below is the list of some of the most unique and hardworking deaf people on Youtube aka “People on the Mission.”

Andy Signs “Sings” in American Sign Language

The Internet is full of musicians and singers. But who would translate the beauty of the sound into the American Sign Language? Is it even possible? Well, it seems that the solution has been found.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a pink haired punk looking man. I clicked on the thumbnail out of curiosity, and here I am… “listening” to the deaf guy…

Andy Signs Deaf/Hard of Hearing guy spreading American Sign Language and Deaf Culture in his ASL cover videos and tutorials. The guy became so famous that even Twenty One Pilots recorded a video with him.

Andy is not just a remarkable translator/interpreter. He is a performer who introduces his spectators to all aspects of music. Signs reflects the energy of compositions through the sign language. He offers people with disabilities a unique perspective on the world of music and entertainment.

Youtube Features Deaf Vlogger Who Enjoys Being Deaf

Being deaf is no fun. It’s a disability that limits people and makes them feel miserable. Right? Wrong!

The vlogger Rikki Poynter finds many benefits associated with hearing loss. In one of her videos, Poynter talks about not having insomnia at night and not hearing jerks and catcallers. Isn’t it great?

Deaf Jazz Singer on Youtube

This person proved the fact that you don’t have to hear in order to hit the right notes. Not only talented but extremely hard working, this young lady constantly trains her muscles to stay on top of the industry…

As a college freshman, Mandy Harvey found herself battling the hearing loss disease. Once deaf, she thought the life was over for her. She felt extremely depressed and saw no light ahead. Family and loved ones helped Mandy get back up on her feet. And today she is a world’s famous singer who inspires millions of people, both hearing and deaf.

Full of power and self-confidence, Mandy Harvey is a sort of symbol of strength and dedication to many us. The connection between her and the audience is always undeniable.

Deaf Singers, Vloggers, and Rappers on Youtube DifferentWho
Mandy Harvey

Deaf Rapper on Youtube

Sean Forbes is a famous rapper on Youtube. Unique background, interesting texts, and a cosmic accent make this performer 100% unique.

Sean grew up in Detroit in a family of musicians. It looks like Forbes has inherited the talents of his parents. And, despite all the difficulties, he is unstoppable in pursuing his career as a rapper. He experiences music through vibrations and beats, he makes the world shake.

American Sign Language is Trending

Because of individuals like Sean, Mandy, Rikki, and Andy, the Sign Language has become trending. It’s no longer just a form of communication for people with disabilities, but the symbol of strength and uniqueness. It’s is the reminder to all of us that everything is possible no matter how hard life can go on us.