Top 5 Weirdest Memes That Will Make You Cringe

I am writing this intro for those of you, nuns and that Amish guy, who are still wondering what memes are. Well, it is a subculture in which a certain type of behavior is replicated and passed from one person to another by nongenetic means (usually imitation). In this post, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Weirdest Memes found on the Internet. Try not to cringe!

Number One: Goats are What? /

Number Two: Wish You Were Here and Now

Wish you were here Meme Memes

Number 4: The Ancient God Lil Wayne

The ancient God Lil Wayne

Number 5: “Don’t Go” Meme

Memes became so popular that people started making money off of this subculture. Below is the list of the most rated Meme Products on Amazon.

Top 9 Best Memes Deals on Amazon

Number 1: Bedding Pillow Memes Cover – Dog in Space Says Follow Your Dreams – Pillowcase Rectangle 20×30 Inch

Number 2: Pepe is very-very Sad Pin

Pepe is sad…

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Girls love this Meme cup…

Number 4: Donald Trump is MAKING Them DANK AGAIN T-Shirt

Number 5: Latex Fox Dog Head Mask – Creepy Fox Mask

But I am a creeeeep…

Number 6: Nicolas the Cage is Waiting for You Babe Meme – Custom Pillow Case Size 20×36 (Twin Sides)

Come next to me, honey…

Number 7: RIP my Harambe – Cincinnati Zoo Men’s Shirt

Harambe is always in our hearts…

Number 8: Kermit Frog Daddy Cap; Sipping Tea Sips Drinking Champion Lebron James Costume

Imma sipping my tea…

Number 9: Three Wolf Moon Parody Shirt – Sloth Moon from Zootopia Shirt – High Quality 100% Cotton Tee

Sloths are in the outer space…

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